We are experienced

We have conducted literally thousands of AI and data-driven projects across Europe.

We are vendor neutral

We offer a vendor neutral approach to your data challenges.

We are research driven

Our researchers create and anticipate the technologies of tomorrow.

We see the big picture

Our multidisciplinary team covers the entire data value chain and identifies dependencies in order to implement holistic approaches.

We shape the workforce of tomorrow

We educate and train companies and individuals to understand and apply the power of Big Data and AI.

From Data to

Our applied and interdisciplinary research turns large, unstructured amounts of data into a veritable treasure trove of information for many intelligent applications!

Data-Driven Business
Data Management
Data Security
Knowledge Discovery
Knowledge Visualization
Social Computing


From Data to
Data-driven Business

Which business opportunities and technological challenges lie in Big Data, AI & Co.? We help companies to implement data-driven business models.



Become a Data Scientist

Do you want a career at Know-Center?

Are you passionate about Data Science and solving real-life problems? Do you want to stay abreast of time and actively shape innovations? Join us and become part of our international team!

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Does your company want to build AI expertise?

Are you looking for experts and training opportunities in the field of AI? We continuously train talented data scientists for the economy. For this purpose, we offer customized AI training and consulting services. This is how we make your company ‘data-fit’!

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Know-Center has built up an international partner network around the topic of AI in the last years. This includes our project partners from research and industry as well as our network initiatives. Get to know our partners and profit from our AI network.