Recommendation systems are an essential asset to increase revenue and customer interactions and prevent churn. They require deep expertise in design and connectivity to existing systems, as well as good data quality.
Little is initially known about potential customers. Data is also the company’s capital and must not leave it or reside with a trusted provider.


We support the development of the necessary expertise and consulting with constant knowledge transfer into the company.
The data must be processed and cleansed. Together we keep the data sovereignty in the company. Our state of the art methods for optimizing the recommendation system allow us to bridge complex and individual problems.


Recommendation systems help to increase sales, customer interactions and customer satisfaction. Personalized recommendations become a reality even for customers who have not yet signed up. Targeted leads to specific products and services tailored to needs and interests increase new customer acquisition and retention.
Data mining improves marketing effectiveness. Advertising can be targeted and relevant, forming a new basis for deeper customer understanding.

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The desire for spot-on recommendations should not come at the expense of data security. Our team ensures that data stays protected within the enterprise. Read this Success Story.
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