Inconspicuous yet dangerous, indoor air pollution claims millions of lives each year and is recognized as a critical challenge by European society. Recent research indicates that people in developed countries spend up to 90% of their time indoors, with nearly 70% of that time spent at home. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated indoor air quality issues, leading to serious health impacts. Studies suggest that up to 15% of COVID-19-related deaths could be attributed to compromised indoor air quality.

Enter the EDIAQI project, a collaborative effort, involving various European organizations, that directly addresses the issue by enhancing guidelines and awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ) in Europe and beyond. The project focuses on providing user-friendly access to information about exposures, sources, and associated risk factors of indoor air pollution.

Bettering the IAQ

Impaired IAQ poses a significant health risk, especially affecting vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory conditions. Poor indoor air quality, coupled with biological pollutants like mold and moisture, increases the risk of respiratory diseases by an astonishing 50%.

EDIAQI aims to fill gaps in our understanding of IAQ by conducting a comprehensive characterization of sources and exposure pathways in multiple EU cities. The initiative employs cost-effective and user-friendly monitoring solutions to generate new knowledge about sources, exposure pathways, and body burdens of indoor multi-pollutants.

The project brings together 18 organizations from 11 European countries, each contributing a diverse range of interdisciplinary skills. These organizations cover areas such as environmental science and technology, medicine, and toxicology, as well as policy design and public participation.

Technical Solutions

For technical analysis and expertise in the EDIAQI project, the Know Center is in charge—a leading European innovation and research center for trustworthy AI and data science. The technology-driven approach of the Know Center represents a significant advancement in the fight against indoor air pollution. The Know Center Data Platform (KDP) plays a crucial role by aggregating collected data on chemical and non-chemical parameters and analyzing their impact on indoor pollution. The Know Center’s expertise contributes to the development of a comprehensive understanding of IAQ and supports the creation of effective guidelines for a healthier living environment.

The EDIAQI project stands as a promising initiative in the battle against indoor air pollution. By combining various expertise and innovative technologies, including contributions from the Know Center, this joint initiative aims to pave the way for a future where the air we breathe indoors is safe and healthy for everyone.

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