One problem companies face when searching for information is that it is often unstructured and distributed across multiple platforms and systems. It is difficult to find out where certain information is stored.
Another problem companies face is a lack of efficiency when searching for information. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to dig through different systems and documents to find the information you need. This can result in valuable time being lost and reduced productivity.


KnowMiner is a search engine designed specifically for enterprise use. Whether Confluence, network drive, Sharepoint, Outlook – KnowMiner finds all documents in a fraction of a second. Through a variety of connectors, we can connect all platforms in a single point.
At the same time, all data remains within the company and KnowMiner’s rights management ensures that only authorized people receive the search results intended for them.
Many extra features like alternative display, recommender systems or chatbots can be connected to KnowMiner.


Efficiency: A fast and efficient search saves time and increases productivity.
Improved decision making: Better availability and fast findability of information can improve decision making in companies.
Reduced costs: An enterprise search solution can reduce the cost of finding and managing information by increasing efficiency and eliminating duplication of effort.

Enterprise Search in Action
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KnowMiner is customized by us for our customers and implemented directly on our own platform or that of a third-party provider. The control of the data remains in the company.