The KnowMiner is a cross-platform search engine for your company, which accesses all integrated systems while retaining all rights schemas, including data available online, and provides users with a clear and complete result in a fraction of a second.

The KnowMiner is not an off-the-shelf product, but customizable to meet the exact needs of your company.

The small and unobtrusive search window of the KnowMiner can also be implemented directly on your platform, or on that of a third-party provider, without the need for any software or application. Thus, KnowMiner is the only search engine that can be used directly – without requiring extensive explanations.

Facts about KnowMiner:

  • Concentrated Expertise: Our accumulated expertise around enterprise search, AI, text hierarchy or text search with Natural Language Processing (NLP) are included in KnowMiner.
  • Single Search: Whether Confluence, network drive, Sharepoint, Outlook – KnowMiner finds all documents in a fraction of a second. Through a variety of connectors, we can connect all platforms in a single point.
  • Secure search: KnowMiner’s rights management ensures that only authorized people get the search results intended for them.
  • Extra features: Many extra features like alternative display, recommender systems or chatbots can be connected to KnowMiner.
No off-the-shelf product
Your KnowMiner

No off-the-shelf product

  • 100% customized to your needs
  • Can be implemented directly on your platform or that of a third-party provider
  • Continuous further development of KnowMiner
  • Seamless integration of other products and services like Recommender or ChatBot
Your KnowMiner

Formatted display

  • Found data is automatically formatted
  • Display adapts to facet type
  • Example: opening hours, addresses, individuals
  • Relevant information is found more quickly
Formatted display