The use of artificial intelligence and/or data science methods promises, among other things, better decisions, increased efficiency or competitive advantages.
However, lack of strategic alignment of AI-based use cases, privacy issues, or poor data quality can negate these benefits. A data and AI strategy that aligns with business goals helps avoid this.


As part of an AI Maturity Assessment, the current situation is surveyed and the AI maturity level is determined. Based on the results of the assessment, the corporate strategy, goals and framework conditions to be taken into account, the potential in the area of AI is identified, concrete recommendations for action are derived and a customized AI strategy is subsequently developed. This covers organizational, process-related and technical aspects of the use of AI and the systematic use of data.


A data and AI strategy that is aligned with business goals ensures that AI technology is not the primary focus, but rather acts as a means to an end that delivers business value and corporate value. This allows the full potential of AI technology to be realized in the short, medium and long term. At the same time, the risk is minimized that projects fail, resources are wasted, or investments fail due to incorrect use of AI and/or insufficient data.

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Know Center 360° Modell
The High-Level Expert Group was set up by the European Commission to advise it on its strategy for artificial intelligence and sets out ethics guidelines to guide AI towards sustainability, growth, competitiveness and inclusion.
The Know Center 360° model has been developed in alignment with the core requirements of the High-Level Expert Group on the use of AI. Our interdisciplinary research will address long-term robustness, security, data governance, transparency, diversity, non-discrimination, fairness, and human oversight.