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The AILEVATOR is an interactive platform that revolutionizes the process from project idea to project success. With the AILEVATOR, companies have the opportunity to easily present their most innovative AI ideas, planned data projects, wishes and receive direct feedback regarding their potential and turn them into a transformative project.

AI will significantly change the business landscape, trustworthy AI is crucial for competition. Use the AILEVATOR to your advantage, describe your vision in the portal and get direct access to our world-leading expertise in Trustworthy AI and Data Science to make the most of the upcoming AI transformation.

We designed the AILEVATOR as a pitch program. The most promising ideas will be identified by a panel of experts and move on to the next round. In the event of a successful collaboration, the winner companies will benefit from 20 years of expertise in AI research, the latest trusted AI approaches, globally recognized scientific excellence and up to €25 million in financing opportunities. Together, we pave the way for your trusted AI project to achieve sustainable progress with the highest added value for industry and society.

See below which trustworthy criteria make your technology a game changer.


Your especially profit from:

Research Excellence

For over 20 years, the Know Center has been at the forefront of AI innovation, data science, and the development of next-generation technologies. As Europe’s leading center of excellence in trustworthy AI and Data Science, we are shaping a technological future that is sustainable, equitable and trustworthy. Our partners in industry and academia benefit from our internationally recognized expertise in a wide range of areas, including cryptography, trustworthy AI, data innovation, and more. Together, we develop technologies and solutions that strengthen competition and promote business and societal resilience. The AILEVATOR offers partners from around the world the opportunity to access the resources they need and turn an idea into a fully fledged product.

Recources and Innovation

Working with us opens up access to funding of up to €25 million. Thanks to our internationally renowned research excellence, we have been given the opportunity to promote technological advances and provide additional resources for promising ideas. For this reason, we work with innovative partners and support them at all levels to drive sustainable economic growth, develop future-proof digitization strategies and implement enduring business models.

Research excellence in trustworthy AI

Trusted AI enables effective synergy between AI, industry and society. As AI technologies become more complex and powerful, it is important to ensure that they are developed and deployed safely, ethically, and for the benefit of the community. We contribute to this by developing cutting-edge methods and techniques and collaborating with innovative partners.

World-leading experts in AI and data science

Our research as well as our researchers are among the intellectual best in Europe. Their global influence is based on the latest findings and insights with an interdisciplinary approach and in-depth knowledge on a wide range of topics, from data science to cryptography, AI development and more.

COMET center co-funding

Proper funding can play a vital role in innovation. We provide the opportunity to do groundbreaking new research on unexplored topics. Our COMET-funding option ensures maximal support and minimal loss for SMEs, startups, and partners who are not sure where their initial research might lead them.

Broad business project experience

With more than 20 years of experience in industry projects in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics and manufacturing, and steady MIlvement at EU project level, we have domain knowledge and expertise in almost all AI-related industries and fields. With the right individual approach, we can help you turn ideas at any level into an elaborated action plan.

Call Criteria

Your AI project as a Game Changer

We are your partner in exploring its full potential.

Align with core trustworthy requirements

Human agency and oversight

Respect for fundamental rights, human action and human oversight are essential for positive AI development. Together, we will ensure that it is designed accordingly.

Technical robustness and safety

AI systems should be able to function optimally and be robust. Resistance to attacks, security, a protected fallback plan, accuracy, reliability and reproducibility are therefore top priorities in our projects.

Privacy and data governance

Data protection is essential for every company. We therefore build on respect for privacy, ensuring the quality and integrity of data, and protected access to data.


True understanding comes from knowing how things work. Being able to understand AI is essential. We enable traceability, explainability and communication.

Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness

Biases and erroneous data quickly creep into AI systems and can cause harm. We strive to avoid unfair bias, strive for accessibility, develop universal design, and ensure effective stakeholder participation.

Societal and environmental wellbeing

We use AI for green transformation. Therefore, we strive for sustainability and environmental friendliness in our AI systems, as well as consideration for social impact, society and democracy.


Accountability comes with the ability to attribute decisions and outcomes. Verifiability, minimization and reporting of negative impacts, trade-offs and redress are cornerstones of sustainable AI use.

Call Process

Let's shape the future path of AI

Your roadmap to Trustworthy AI business models with Know Center’s leading research excellence.

28.2.24 | AI Application

Register on our platform and submit your ideas.

28.3.24 | Jury Decision

Based on specific criteria, the projects are judged and awarded prizes.

1.4.24 | Start AI Project

Realisation of your innovation projects with trustworthy artificial intelligence.

About our AI Expertise

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Magna Steyr
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