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The path from ingenious research idea to commercial success story is not always easy and often financially confusing. As a COMET center, the Know Center can use funding to minimize the financial risk in application-oriented research projects. We offer the free COMET partnership to companies that want to venture breakthrough innovation based on the latest results in trusted AI and data.

As a partner, you benefit via access to our internationally renowned science experts. Together, you will develop application-oriented research projects up to the prototype stage, which will secure your entrepreneurial competitive advantage.

COMET Modules

Research topics

DDAI – Data Driven Artificial Intelligence

On the one hand, this research project is about developing AI algorithms and machine learning models that can be used and shared along value chains without giving away confidential information. On the other hand, we are also designing algorithms in such a way that they are verifiable and explainable, so that specialists can check the correctness of the results at any time when using such systems.


Datengetriebene immersive Analytik (DDIA)

Digital representations of real objects (digital twins) are becoming increasingly important, and not just since the Corona pandemic, where the benefits of “immersive” work environments were first demonstrated on a global scale. Immersive is the term used to describe immersion in digitally visualized worlds in which it is possible to access and interact with data or digital twins of objects.