Graz (Styria)

Thematic assignment

Digitization ICT

Thematic focus

  • Developing data-driven business models that give companies the decisive competitive edge
  • Support for companies to make their AI applications secure and trustworthy
  • Harnessing big data for business and science by redesigning human-machine collaboration

The path from ingenious research ideas to commercial success stories is not always easy and often financially confusing. As a COMET center, the Know Center can use funding to minimize the financial risk in application-oriented research projects. We offer the free COMET partnership to companies that want to venture breakthrough innovation based on the latest results in trusted AI and data.

As a partner, you benefit via access to our internationally renowned science experts. Together with them, you will develop application-oriented research projects up to the prototype, which will secure your entrepreneurial competitive advantage.

Know Center

The COMET competence centers enable companies to collaborate with research partners, thereby permitting a direct transfer of new knowledge into marketable products, services, and processes. They conduct research in areas that are strategically important for the economy. They provide research impetus, initiate innovations and develop solutions for the key topics of the future: digitization & ICT, energy, environment, life sciences, mobility, and materials & production.

As a leading European research center for Data-driven Business and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have our finger directly on the pulse of time to detect trends, develop the latest technologies and introduce them into innovation processes. With >60 high-ranking publications per year, we contribute significantly to Austria as a research location. In terms of EU funds raised, we are number 1 of all K1 COMET centers (number 3 of all COMET centers). We are the only Austrian center to bear the EU iSpace Label in Gold (BDVA) and combine all technical, data and business-oriented competencies that are essential for the successful implementation of data-driven business:



Success Stories

Predicting the optimal time for anode replacement with artificial intelligence

Voestalpine Stahl Gmbh and Know-Center have jointly succeeded in developing a hybrid predictive maintenance model that can significantly reduce energy costs.

Knowing better what customers want through AI

During the cooperation with Grazer Theaterholding, Know-Center has developed a comprehensive data-driven marketing strategy and enables personal recommendations or tailor-made offers for each individual culture lover.

Understand and support e-book search and annotation using tag recommendation.

Together with HGV, we have developed tag recommendation algorithms that combine tags from editors and Amazon users.

E-Mobility and Big Data - Optimized Data Use of Charging Processes

Together with has-to-be GmbH, we are researching the use of data during charging processes. These provide a valuable contribution to new functions and services for e-mobility solutions.

WOTAN IT Monitoring: Preparing Big Data for Business Analytics

Together with GH-Informatik GmbH, researchers of the Know-Center investigated intelligent, adaptive methods of machine learning with the aim of faster and more accurate detection of anomalies in the IT system.

“Gone in 30 Days!” Predictions for Car Import Planning

Together with Porsche, we use analyses of customer and market data to gain insights for developing a forecasting model for future model launches, irrespective of brand and segment.

Studo Matchmaking Recommender

Recommendation platform of personalized job ads for students by using “ScaR recommendation framework”.

Innovative learning technologies: learning new languages with HighSpeed

Together with Magna International, we addressed the challenge of how employees can quickly learn a new language to manage technical projects in it.

Corona Heatmap

Software solution for analyzing health data while maintaining privacy

ScaR – A scalable recommendation system

Framework for scalable state-of-the-art recommendation mechanisms.

Shared knowledge at the touch of a button

Manage and share enterprise knowledge resources.

Tools for better traffic models

Cellular data as an additional source of info for traffic modeling.