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Why trustworthy AI?

In close collaboration with EU bodies, we have developed the foundations for the use of AI. The result of this intensive work and innovative thinking is our 360° model, which focuses on stability, security, transparency, fairness, data protection, accountability, social and environmental benefits, and the design of human-machine communication. Only in this way can AI & Data Science be used with confidence and contribute decisively to breakthrough innovations and progress.
Stability & Safety

We maximize technical stability and data security by increasing the expertise that an AI considers in its decision-making processes through hybrid modeling and other theory-inspired approaches. In doing so, we are also creating a next generation of digital twins.


Transparency creates trust. However, AI applications are based on complex algorithms, which naturally makes them difficult to understand. Where it is crucial, we therefore incorporate elements of Explainable AI into the applications so that users can see and understand decision-making processes.


Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness are crucial characteristics for AI applications to be accepted in a social context. We identify biases in algorithms and ensure that they do not play a role in decision-making.

Data security

Data security and data governance are our top priority! Our experts are among the best in the world in long-term secure (quantum computer safe) cryptographic processes. Only with absolutely secure data can we implement groundbreaking innovations in companies.

Responsibility & Environmental Wellbeing

To ensure responsibility and accountability in AI applications, certifications will increasingly emerge in the coming years. Through our close networking with science and EU initiatives and bodies, we also ensure for our customers that AI applications meet the highest standards.

social & environmental benefits

Not only in the manufacturing industry, but also in the most important and for the future crucial social fields such as medicine, pharmacy and health, environment & sustainability, the use of the potential of data can become a “game changer”.

Human-machine communication

In order for users to trust AI, human agency and human oversight must be available at all times. We work with methods of human-machine communication and immersive analytics so that users can constantly maintain an overview and switch between the physical and digital worlds.


Innovation Insights

As a leading center of excellence in trusted artificial intelligence, we are dedicated to developing answers and solutions to the challenges that will affect society and industry in the future.

AI-Driven Energy Consumption Prediction
AI-Driven Energy Consumption Prediction
AI can improve the prediction of energy consumption, for providers and consumers. This aids with sustainability goals and a better understanding when it comes to efficiency measures.
Towards Trustworthy AI
Towards Trustworthy AI
Create an AI strategy that is both future-proof and trustworthy, and realize long-term competitive advantages.
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Our network

As a European leader in trusted AI, we are part of a large network of companies, top researchers, organizations and institutions, and AI pioneers across Europe.

Our network

Success Stories

Stories for success

Voestalpine Stahl Anode Replacement
Voestalpine Stahl Anode Replacement
  • During the production process of galvanized steel sheets, the anode condition has a high impact on quality and costs.
  • Together with Voestalpine Stahl GmbH a predictive hybrid maintenance model was developed which reduces energy costs significantly.