Planning optimal routes for vehicles or employees is a complex task that must take many factors into account.
These include, for example, route costs, fixed pick-up times, the capacity and availability of resources, travel time and fuel consumption, compliance with time windows and regulations, and consideration of disruptions or changes. Manual or simple heuristic planning can lead to inefficient or unsatisfactory solutions.


Our solution consists of three steps: Data integration, optimization and visualization. In the first step, we connect and clean your data from different sources and formats. In the second step, we use mathematical methods to calculate the optimal tours for your vehicles or employees. We take into account all constraints such as time windows, capacities or regulations. We also extract possible routes from OpenStreetMap or similar services. In the third step, we display the optimized tours in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


With our solution, you can optimally plan your tours for vehicles or employees by taking all relevant factors into account. You save costs, reduce emmisions, increase customer satisfaction, increase the flexibility and robustness of your tours and gain new insights into your data. We use state-of-the-art AI methods and algorithms to provide you with the best solution for your tour planning problem.

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Optimization in route planning not only saves time and money, CO2 emissions are also prevented, which benefits everyone. In close cooperation, we determine the relevant parameters to find the best individual solution and support you in making decisions.
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Saubermacher AG relies on a customized, scalable software solution for optimized route planning for waste transports and thus saves up to 20% CO2 emissions. mehr