KNOW CENTER is a leading European innovation and research center for trusted AI and Data Science.

We make data talk, recognize patterns where no one is looking anymore and create unique solutions at the boundaries of what is conceivable today.

For our customers in automation and logistics, energy and environmental industries, and medicine, these are crucial competitive advantages. For science and society, it is the data basis for solving the big questions of the future.

Our mission

Trusted artificial intelligence

The disruptive impact of digital transformation has severely damaged people’s trust in AI and Data Science. AI must embrace humanistic values to regain the trust of the people it is meant to work with.

From cutting-edge research to competitive advantage

With cutting-edge research in-house and highly innovative projects with our customers from industry, energy and healthcare, we ensure the transformation of the latest findings in the field of Data Science and AI into concrete competitive advantages for companies.

Part of Europe’s digital future

We help Europe regain technology and data sovereignty and guarantee strategic sovereignty over relevant data while maintaining an open and innovation-driven market.

Solving global challenges through trustworthy artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can significantly advance climate research, enable entrepreneurial innovation, and connect society in a dual digital and green transformation that will ultimately create a circular economy that meets our environmental needs.

The offspring

Solving the great challenges of our time requires both sides: Multidisciplinary applied research embedded in industry, science and society, as well as companies that get the digital and green transformation off the ground. Opening up perspectives and opportunities for young, motivated people to be part of this is a key concern for us.