Digital Transformation Design

Research Focus

The Digital Transformation Design research area develops novel methods and (technological) tools for processes that provide the best possible support for people, companies, and society in shaping digital transformation. Whether an AI is accepted as trustworthy also depends on how transparent, secure, and comprehensible the processes behind it are. We are pursuing the vision of an AI-based technology that brings different stakeholders of companies, institutions, or society into dialog with each other and thus enables new, constructive social processes.
Data and AI in Business Models

The use of AI is giving rise to new business models. We test and develop methods and decision-making tools for such business models to consider not only the business but also the social and individual psychological components during implementation. This is important so that AI is also accepted by people.

Tools for Responsible and Traceable Co-Design

We develop AI-supported methods and decision support tools for the design of sociotechnical interventions. Trustworthy AI is essential for this to ensure accountability, transparency, and traceability.

Educational Technology

The rapid pace of technological development demands lifelong, on-the-job learning. Trusted AI can actively support this through reflective, conversational applications and help employees feel more self-efficient and active!