In any business, the use of data and artificial intelligence offers enormous potential for value creation. However, a lack of data maturity, poorly chosen applications, and a lack of skilled workers are causing many companies to fail.
By combining continuous strategy development, data utilization application discovery and implementation, the Data Innovation Factory can generate value from day one.


The Data Innovation Factory takes a multi-level approach. Starting with a data and AI strategy developed on the basis of the corporate strategy and an assessment of the existing data, promising applications are identified and repeatedly implemented as an Intrepreneurship model in a sandbox with a fixed budget. In parallel, company employees receive targeted training and necessary technical infrastructure continues to be built.


In line with the company’s strategy, and taking into account the development of valuable in-house expertise and infrastructure, use cases are identified and implemented that deliver added value from day one, transforming the company into a data-driven enterprise that uses data and artificial intelligence on its own in the long term to optimize existing value creation or generate new value.

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Know Center 360° Modell
The High-Level Expert Group was set up by the European Commission to advise it on its strategy for artificial intelligence and sets out ethics guidelines to guide AI towards sustainability, growth, competitiveness and inclusion.
The Know Center 360° model has been developed in alignment with the core requirements of the High-Level Expert Group on the use of AI. Our interdisciplinary research will address long-term robustness, security, data governance, transparency, diversity, non-discrimination, fairness, and human oversight.