In value-added chains, which are more and more digitised, new business ideas are created by smart assignments of data sets, services and available infrastructure. But the main problem is, that the correct data sets, the best services and the proper infrastructure have to be connected . DMA provides a platform, that allows to find the accurate combination for innovative business models through the use of a recommendation service. This service analyses the meta data of all offers and suggests new compilations which are based on previous collaborations of different market participants as well as on accordances of the separate offers with regards to content.

In this webinar we will examine the concrete problems of recommendation services, but also present essential approaches according to the realisation of such services.   

More information and registration: www.datamarket.at

Thursday, March, 1st @ 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Admission free!


Matthias Traub and Heimo Gursch

Know-Center GmbH

Research Center für Data-Driven Business & Big Data Analytics


Martin Kaltenböck

Semantic Web Company