Innovation is a major driver in today’s business world and also an important factor for competitiveness. As such, innovation is a trending topic not only discussed in industry, but also in science. In fact, Europe's Premier Innovation Conference – the ISPIM Innovation Conference – unites academics and practitioners passionate about innovation management. Two scientific papers from Know-Center have been successfully presented at this conference.

ISPIM – the International Society for Professional Innovation Management – is an association of members from research, industry, consulting and the public sector that hosts the ISPIM Innovation Conference. This year, the ISPIM conference took place from 17-20 June 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. Among the participants were Gert Breitfuss and Michael Fruhwirth, two researchers from the Ubiquitous Personal Computing Team at Know-Center. At ISPIM 2018, each of them successfully presented a paper co-authored with other researchers from Know-Center and has.to.be GmbH:

Gert Breitfuss presented a paper titled “E-Mobility and Big Data – Data Utilization of Charging Operations” which deals with (big) data generated at charging infrastructures and how to gain useful information out of this data. In a joint research project, Know-Center, together with has.to.be GmbH applied data analytics methods and visualization technologies on the provided data sets. The resulting consumption forecast enables operators of charging stations to optimize energy supply. Additionally, data analysis for predictive maintenance was performed in order to optimize and predict the availability of charging stations.

Michael Fruhwirth presented the paper titled “Exploring challenges in data-driven business model innovation from Austrian enterprises”. This paper investigates existing activities within Austrians enterprises with regard to exploring data-driven business models. The outcome of this research paper are categories of challenges related to organisation, business and technology that established organisations in Austria face during data-driven business model innovation.

We congratulate all authors on their success!


Full bibliography of the presented papers (to be published):

  • E-Mobility and Big Data – Data Utilization of Charging Operations
    Gerald Cuder1, Gert Breitfuss1, Roman Kern1, Roland Angerer 2
    Know-Center GmbH, Austria; 2 has.to.be GmbH, Austria
  • Exploring challenges in data-driven business model innovation from Austrian enterprises
    Michael Fruhwirth1, Gert Breitfuss1, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler 1
    1Know-Center GmbH, Austria;