Together with FZI, with the framework of the EU project MIRROR Know-Center developed the MoodMap App, which was successfully evaluated by a British telecommunications company.

The MoodMap app offers an easy way to capture and later reflect upon the moods or mood swings that occur in stressful or challenging work situations.

The MoodMap app was used by several teams of a call center by advisors, their coaches and the team managers. The goal was to assist with problem solving and coaching by using the app to promote reflective learning at the workplace. The advisors, whose tasks require excellent communication and problem-solving skills, were asked to record their mood after each call, break and coaching sessions and, by taking notes, detail the circumstances. This way coaches and managers received an overview of the team members’ mood and could specifically address the upcoming problems and offer support. According to one of the participating managers, “this improved, on the one hand, the service offered to the callers and, on the other hand, the working atmosphere among the consultants.” The result after of this test run was that the participants would miss the MoodMap App.