Success all along the line: A full paper, a poster and a workshop paper of Know-Center were accepted at one of the most renowned conferences in the area of computer science.

The Web Science Track Paper “Long Time No See: The Probability of Reusing Tags as a Function of Frequency and Recency”, the poster “Who will Trade with Whom? Predicting Buyer-Seller Interactions in Online Trading Platforms through Social Networks” and the Workshop Paper “Towards a Scalable Social Recommender Engine for Online Marketplaces: The Case of Apache Solr” were accepted at the 23rd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2014). Co-author of all three papers was Christoph Trattner, head of the Social Computing Research Group at Know-Center.


Web Science Track Paper: Kowald, D., Seitlinger, P., Trattner, C. and Ley, T.: http://arxiv.org/abs/1312.5111

Poster von Trattner, C., Parra, D., Eberhard, L. and Wen, X.: http://www.christophtrattner.info/pubs/www2014.pdf

Workshop Paper von Lacic, E., Kowald, D., Parra, D., Kahr, M. and Trattner, C.: http://www.christophtrattner.info/pubs/ws12srs11.pdf