Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the logistics chain. Stefanie Lindstaedt, Managing Director of the Know-Center, commented on this exciting topic in the "Kleine Zeitung" and the "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten".

“One of the main areas of research at the Know-Center is the automated processing of complicated texts. With our innovative AI technologies it is already possible, for example, to answer customer inquiries automatically. This means that the AI itself decides, if desired, which parts of an inquiry it can answer automatically, but also raises an alarm when customers express challenging wishes. For this purpose, it provides the specialist personnel of our partners with a decisive basis for a detailed assessment. Another focus of our research is the utilization of large amounts of data for strategic decisions.

Our multi-perspective optimisation of the logistics chain enables a productive interaction of purchasing, transport, storage and disposition. One of our most topical research topics is the development of procedures that enable data to be treated confidentially and at the same time learn from it. Another topic is Explainable AI – by this I mean, that it is possible to understand how the decision was made by Artificial Intelligence. Both topics will contribute significantly to the trust in AI. This requires many excellent software and data experts, the training of these experts is particularly close to my heart”.