Heat detection and proper timing of artificial insemination are essential for successful dairy farming. Lack of heat detection leads to low fertility and extended calving intervals. The SmaXtec company offers a comprehensive solution to monitor a herd in this regard. A unique integrated system collects and analyzes physiological data, allowing farmers to take corrective action in real time. Together with SmaXtec, we developed algorithms to improve heat detection in cattle using machine learning approaches. Sensors in the cow’s stomach provided data that was additionally evaluated for improvement suggestions.

In agriculture, signal data shows its potential in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and increased production through optimization. Any production machines or plant cultures can be equipped with sensors and their measurement data recorded and analyzed. The following questions can be answered: Which factors determine whether a plant crop develops well or less well? At what point can this development be predicted? Which changes in general conditions (heat, light, etc.) influence this development? Further action-relevant knowledge (correlations between events and outcomes) is derived from the analysis.