For the second time, Know-Center researcher Peter Kraker has been awarded a prize for his dissertation. After the “Förderpreis 2014 der Grazer Wechselseitigen Versicherung” he has received the GOR Thesis Award during the "General Online Research" Conference (GOR 16) in Dresden, as one of three prizes for special achievements in the field of online research.

In the category “Best Dissertation” the jury selected Peter Krakers dissertation entitled “Visualizing Research Fields Based on Scholarly Communication on the Web” as the winning thesis. The scientific thesis deals with the so-called “Information Overload” and how to gain an overview of a research area at the beginning of a scientific paper. The work is dedicated to solving the problem and trying to contribute to a solution by providing visualizations based on scientific communication in the World Wide Web.

At the award ceremony it was pointed out that all candidates had handed in scientifically excellent work and thus the decision for the award fell on the most innovative thesis, according to the jury.

Congratulations for this great success, Peter!

Die Preisträger der diesjährigen Awards (Bild:

Peter Kraker (third from left) among the award winners of the GOR 16 Awards (photo by