The first workshop of the BigMedilytics initiative was held in Valencia at the beginning of September. Experts from the Know-Center also shared their knowledge.

BigMedilytics (Big Data for Medical Analytics) is the largest EU-funded initiative to improve the health sector through the use of advanced Big Data technologies. The goals: Cost reduction, improved patient care and better access to healthcare facilities.

A first workshop of the initiative was held in Valencia in early September. The title: Big Data: Fueling the transformation of Europe’s Healthcare sector. Around 160 representatives from Healthcare providers and companies in the Healthcare technology sector, as well as scientists from all over Europe, exchanged views on the latest developments. The three main topics were health in the European population, chronic diseases and the industrialisation of the health sector.

At the event, the experts from the Know-Center shared their expertise on Big Data and AI in medicine in forums and discussions. Future scenarios were also discussed to prepare consortia for the submission of EU projects.

Mario Lovric from the Know-Center held a Flash presentation entitled “Data quality and interpretable learning” with small cohorts in a workshop session. The presented findings were the result of a scientific collaboration between the Know-Center and the children’s hospital Srebrnjak in Zagreb.