The article “CODE Query Wizard and Vis Wizard: Supporting Exploration and Analysis of Linked Data” by the two Know-Center researchers Patrick Hoefler and Belgin Mutlu was published in ERCIM News.

In the framework of the EU-funded CODE project, the article deals with the question of the difficult access to huge amounts of semantically enriched data without having in-depth knowledge of semantic technologies, and the support of the development of a web-based visual analytics platform that enables non-expert users to easily perform exploration and analysis tasks on Linked Data. ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) provides a forum for exchange of information between institutes and also with a wider scientific community.

Full article: http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/en96/special/code-query-wizard-and-vis-wizard-supporting-exploration-and-analysis-of-linked-data
CODE project: http://code-research.eu/
CODE Query Wizard & Vis Wizard: http://code.know-center.tugraz.at/