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  • Know-Center launches new start-up program to exploit AI research results for high-tech start-ups
  • Application phase for Educational Technology start-up has begun

Know-Center has launched the initiative “Take-off”, which provides interested founders with brilliant high-tech business ideas and accompanies them all the way to their own start-up. The goal is to exploit research results from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for business and promote entrepreneurship within the research environment.

“Know-Center, a COMET competence center, has been handling research and industry related projects in the field of data and artificial intelligence for 20 years, which allowed us to gain a great amount of experience when it comes to innovative product ideas. We are ahead of the market and know our way around. We intend to hand over our ideas to potential founders at a very early stage and jointly work on developing marketable products. That way, we are advancing the digital transformation and contribute to location development within Styria,” explains Stefanie Lindstaedt, Managing Director of Know Center.

Young entrepreneurs benefit from the research center’s extensive network of national and international research and industry partners. With the successfully implemented spin-offs e-nnovation, Open Knowledge Map and Invenium, which was taken over by A1 as majority owner, the Know-Center already has extensive experience as a company builder.

Founders for EduTech start-up wanted

AI that assembles lectures independently? A sports bracelet that determines when learning material can best be absorbed? Educational technology modifies learning significantly and offers an enormous amount of application potential. Take-off’s first call for proposals is originated in this promising area and aims to use innovative technologies to support people in teaching and learning in all kinds of different settings.

The initiative is looking for people with programming and management skills and business know-how. It is possible to apply either as a start-up team or individually. A virtual info event on the start-up program and the first call for applications will be held on Aug. 24, 2021.

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Know Center is a leading European innovation and cutting-edge research centre for trusted AI and Data Science. With state-of-the-art & beyond technologies, cutting-edge in-house research and highly innovative projects with customers from industry, energy and healthcare, the Graz innovation hub ensures the transformation of the latest findings in the field of data science and AI into concrete competitive advantages for companies. For science and society, the company provides the technological basis for solving the big questions of the future. With its groundbreaking innovations, the Know Center contributes to Europe regaining technological and data sovereignty and guaranteeing strategic sovereignty over relevant data while maintaining an open and innovation-driven market.

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