The aim of Organic.Lingua was to enhance an existing Web portal (http://organic-edunet.eu/en) with multilingual educational content on Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology (AE).

Know-Center took part in the EU project’s third and final review meeting at the end of April in Luxembourg. Christoph Trattner, Dominik Kowald and Andi Rexha (Know-Center) worked within the EU-project on the implementation and evaluation of multilingual services and Web-widgets for the Organic Edu.Net portal and the Organic Moki in order to enable the creation of user generated content (UGC-Widget), the recommendation of learning resources to users (Recommendation-Widget) and the suggestion of concepts to enrich the underlying ontology (Concept-Suggestion services). Another part of their work was the automatic metadata extraction, focussing on keyword extraction, for the OrganicEdu.Net portal as well as building an ontology mapping algorithm focusing on the Multilinguality for the Organic Moki.

The results can be found here: http://organic-edunet.eu/en