At i-KNOW 2017 new features of the Know-Center product med360 were introduced, including the newly launched webshop and the license packages available there.

med360 is an easy-to-use tool that automatically collects every new publication matching your interests. med360 collects data from thousands of traditional and open access journals and transforms it into your personalized stream. The result: reading articles, marking your favourites for later use, discarding junk or forwarding interesting stuff to your friends and peers becomes as easy and intuitive as working with your email client.

There are several developments to the version presented in March 2017:

Since October 11, 2017, med360 is available via the med360 webshop. Customers can now choose between multiple license packages which differ by the number of possible profiles, archiving and extra features. With a premium license, users have access to all features, including an endless amount of profiles and archiving for the publications for an unlimited amount of time. There also is a free license package with two profiles available and an archive for 6 months provided. Further licenses can be found in the webshop.

In an age in which large amounts of publications and information are created, med360 will help you get a quick overview of the desired subject and will make it easy to always be up-to-date. Scientists working in the medical field are excited about the simple and clear way to sort through the desired information.

med360 is browser-based and compatible with any device.

More information on the product here.

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