The new app „Digital? Sicher!“ teaches young people how to handle their personal data on the internet responsibly and prepares them for the professional future ahead. All this happens in a playful kind of way.

The app is all about cyber security. Different topics originating from the internet and social media are presented in a story. Interesting tasks, puzzles and videos are provided in each story. Young people are challenged by critically examining the information they disclose on the internet and by understanding the possible consequences.


At Know-Center, the visualization and parts of the storyline are developed for young people to reflect on the process. The final app will be available in the summer of 2021. Schools will be able to use the app as of the fall of 2021. Students will learn how to deal with the disclosure of personal data in a critical fashion.

This project’s goal is to create abilities in the field of information and communication technology early on, which will become an inherent part of young people’s basic education. The project originated by a joint initiative of the Universität Graz, LOGO! Jugendmanagement Graz, BANDAS Center für Business Analytics and Data Science und Know-Center.