Made in Europe: Artificial Intelligence in the Semiconductor Industry

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The development and implementation of digitalisation strategies in the ECS industry is progressing rapidly.

The iDev40 research project is all about automatization of highly complex processes based on artificial intelligence (AI) methods. The goal being to increase productivity and efficiency while priming workers for the digital future. By developing innovative AI methods Know-Center contributes to strengthening the semiconductor industry’s innovative capacity and global competitiveness. The project is led by Infineon Technologies Austria and involves 39 project partners from 6 European nations.

Made in Europe: Artificial Intelligence in the Semiconductor Industry

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Intelligent troubleshooting

During the production of semiconductor blanks, rejects frequently occur. The reasons are mostly traced back to the extensive manufacturing and production process, but where exactly errors occur oftentimes remains unclear. Know-Center has developed a machine-learning web tool to uncover the causes for production quality fluctuations. This helps optimizing and accelerating the entire processes in terms of supply and value chain.

In the semiconductor industry, however, the demand for highly qualified people, who are flexible and well versed at using innovative tools remains at a high. As part of the project, Know-Center developed the “Learning Reflection Widget” app together with ELMOS, which documents and promotes the continuous training of employees.

Digital twin promises technological progress

With the help of digital twins, European companies are expected to gain a decisive technological advantage, as data and processes are used for networking not only within companies, but also among each other globally. iDev40 is funded by ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

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