Our first in-house training event this year, the Mobile Development Workshop, took place on July 1, 2014 and was a huge success. Organized and lead by members of the Ubiquitous Computing team, it attracted over 20 participants and provided an introduction to mobile application development.

The workshop was a tremendous success!  In an informal and collegial atmosphere, 4 platforms (iOS, Android, Titanium and HTML5) were presented. The workshop offered unique hands-on programming training topped by developing a small application and a discussion. In addition to advancing their mobile programming skills, the participants had a chance to exchange opinions and consolidate their team spirit over lunch.

We would like to thank Jörg Simon, who not only conceived the idea of this workshop but made it reality, and our in-house instructors David Ganster, Michaela Ferk, Oliver Prentner, Peter Marton and Granit Luzhnica for their meaningful and stimulating presentations. Special thanks to Sandra Peinhopf for helping the participants tackle intellectual challenges by providing refreshing drinks and warm pizzas.

We hope that this workshop will be an inspiration for future in-house knowledge-sharing events and look forward to the next one.