On 05.11. the online event “Same, same but different?! – Digital change in the working world” organized by the Karl-Franzens-University Graz will take place. Our experts will lead the round table ‘Digitalization of collaboration at the workplace: potentials and challenges.’

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You want to learn more about the digital change in the working world?

The term ‘Work 4.0’ has long been used (in reference to ‘Industry 4.0’) to summarize the process of change in the world of work in the digital age. Today’s working methods are changing more and more to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the digital world. Companies and their employees can work more and more flexibly and independently of location. Thanks to e-mails, chats and home offices, they can be reached quickly and networked with each other. Due to the current situation, the home office is not only coming to the fore for a few professions and fields of activity, but is explicitly recommended for all areas.

However, cooperation, as well as distributed cooperation, poses elementary challenges to the organization and its employees. Many of these challenges are still not sufficiently solved, because successful collaboration is more than the mere provision of e.g. intranets and network drives. It also requires completely new skills (and associated lifelong learning), which of course now needs to be trained and consolidated at home.

The experts at Know-Center have been dealing with this topic for a long time and the Data-driven Business area is dealing with it intensively.