Data-Driven Business

Understand and design for data-driven business from the perspectives of business models, technology-enhanced (organizational) learning and knowledge management.

Data-Driven Business 1 2 3

Research Fields

1Data-Driven and Reflective Learning

We aim to transform workplace learning through technology and to connect learning at different organizational levels.
We explore the role of data within learning technologies, i.e. for learning analytics, reflection, and adaptive learning interventions.

2Data-Driven Business Models

We aim to support the process of identifying data-driven business opportunities.
We build tools and a framework for data-driven business innovation. In particular, we study and co-design data platforms and markets.

3Knowledge Sharing and Protection

We aim to examine the balance between sharing and protecting knowledge in intra-organisational collaboration.
We develop concepts and tools that allow organisations to choose and enact their knowledge sharing policies in light of privacy, confidentiality, and IPR considerations.

Research Competences

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Technologies for Learning in Organisations
  • Technologies for data-driven process and decision support
  • Technologies for knowledge management
  • ICT impact evaluation in organisations
  • User-Centric Design

Area Management