Know-Center is invited to take part at a Webinar organized by the Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) to speak on the subject of Automated Intelligence and Supply Chain Risk Analysis using NLP

In this Webinar, our Knowledge Visualization expert, Nelson Silva will present a case study on how relationships, risks and challenges in the Supply Chain can be uncovered and evaluated through the use of NLP and graph analysis. Thereby, gaining valuable information on competitors and being proactive by enabling strategic decisions even before new problems occur in the supply chain.

DATE25. November 2019
TIME15.00 – 16.00 Hours (CET) (Local Time)

Nelson Silva

Nelson Silva is the Business Area Manager for Strategic Intelligence at Know-Center. His work includes advanced data analytics, visualization projects and the development of automated and intelligent analytics solutions. He is also a senior researcher at Knowledge Visualization division at Know-Center. His research interests are focused on eye-tracking for visual analytics recommendations and on the development of innovative adaptive and assistive user interfaces. He contributes with multiple techniques for human-robot collaboration, IoT and mixed reality research.