The ÖTG (Österreichische Tribologische Gesellschaft) Symposium 2019 has invited the Know-Center on 21st November to give a keynote speech on the topic of “Artificial intelligence at the interface between Engineering and Data Science”.

In today’s world, the “digital revolution” is undoubtedly affecting wide areas of our economic, social, private, professional and, of course, science and technology.

One such area of science, Tribology – the science of rubbing surfaces, contributes to every facet of our everyday life, from live cell friction to engine lubrication and seismology, is now seen to be greatly affected with digitization.

Experts from the areas of Tribology, special sensor technology and Information Technology have been invited to the conference to discuss the chances, challenges, limitations and dangers, which result from the comprehensive efforts of the current wave of digitization.

Target industries: Mechanical and plant engineering, Drive technology, Automation technology, Automotive engineering, Lubricant and surface treatment, Manufacturing technology, Materials engineering, Application engineering.

Keynote Speech by the Know-Center Expert

Know-Center will be represented by our CTO and Big Data expert, Robert Ginthör, who will give a keynote speech on the role of AI at the intersection of “Data world” and “Knowledge world”. He will emphasize the challenges with current data-driven technologies and AI, and how challenging it is to bring the two aspects – (i) extracting knowledge from data and (ii) using knowledge (domain know-how) to analyze data, together in an efficient and beneficial way. “This is the reason one could also term AI as Assistive Intelligence” says Robert Ginthör.

We at Know-Center are proud to be invited and to share our knowledge in the field of AI, digitization, Big Data analytics, and their various applications and effects on almost every sphere of life.