This year’s first social event led the Know-Center team on February 6 to South-East-Styria. In a workshop, the company goals of the Know-Center were presented in the Genusshotel Riegerburg and afterwards a “sweet” tasting experience in the Zotter Chocolate Manufactory was offered to the delight of all employees.

The workshop in the Genusshotel Riegersburg was characterized by an intensive exchange of information about the re-orientation of the Know-Center as Research Center for Data-driven Business and in the afternoon the Know-Center team enjoyed unrestrained chocolate delight. In the famous chocolate manufactory the Know-Center team had the possibility to process the received information at the “Running Chocolate” station. The tour through the “eatable zoo” and the Choco-Shop-Theatre offered a lot of interesting and tasty stations to acquire knowledge about chocolate. The creatively staged CacaoCinema, from “bean to bar” and numerous tasting stations fascinated the Know-Center team.