The Ubiquitous Personal Computing Team at Know-Center created a video about gestures based on wearable technologies which won the third place at the video contest of the “1st Computational Life Sciences Day”.

The video contest under the motto “Computer Science – Shaping the Future“ took place at the first “Computational Life Sciences Day” focusing on how researchers shape our future and which visions scientists have for all of us.

Granit Luzhnica, Jörg Simon, and Viktoria Pammer from the Ubiquitous Personal Computing team presented a video titled “The Glove Project“, containing a test with a dataglove they created out of consumer goods. This video was presented at the “Computational Life Sciences Day” and awarded with the third price including an i-Pad and a ticket for the i-KNOW conference.

Our scientists wanted to show their interest in how well manual gestures based on wearable technologies can be captured. This is useful and necessary for the vision of people having possibilities to operate computers manually in the future. In fact, their scope is to develop new ideas for innovative user interfaces and interaction concepts.

The Faculty for Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, through holding the videocontest, aims at collecting connotations and capturing atmospheric images related to the topic „Computer Science – Shaping the Future“. The contest was part of the first Computational Life Sciences Day which was one of the highly successful co-located events at this year’s i-KNOW2015 conference.

Have a look at our i-KNOW 2015 conferenc website, for all further information about the video contest, entries and winners here.

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