Vedran Sabol (Know-Center) participated at the European Data Forum (EDF) 2014, which took place in Athens from 19 – 20 March. He gave a talk titled “Linked Data in Context: Questions Matter” and presented CODE project results at the event’s exhibit.

Only a small fraction out of over 100 submitted talks was accepted at the renowned EDF – including the one of Vedran Sabol. His talk addresses Linked Open Data, a large and recognized source of information which, however, still lacks uptake and commercial exploitation. The presentation introduces a data-centric question answering portal – 42 Data – which focuses on answers based on empirical facts embedded in numerical Linked Open Data. The portal is backed by CODE services addressing data extraction, semantic integration, and visual analysis targeting IT laymen.

The EDF 2014 comprises keynotes from global experts in the field, submitted presentations by participants, a panel and a 2-day exhibition. It concentrates on recent developments such as Open Data, Linked Data and Big Data and balances technical, application and socio-economic issues.