During the ACM UMAP Conference 2016 in Halifax, Canada, Christoph Trattner presented his paper on gender differences in cooking preferences.

The 24th ACM User Modelling, Adaptation, and Personalization Conference (UMAP) 2016 took place from the July 13 – 16, 2016 in Halifax, Canada. UMAP is a leading international conference for researchers and practitioners working on systems that adapt to individuals or groups of users and collect, represent, and model user information. UMAP 2016 deals with a wide variety of research areas where adaptation may be used. This includes the domains of recommender systems and various adaptive educational systems.

The paper titled “Plate and Prejucide: Gender Differences in Online Cooking” from Christoph Trattner and his co-authors aims to find out whether there is a quantitative difference in food and cooking preferences between men and women. The dataset used were the roughly 200 thousand member of an online recipe community. The authors used a set of 88 features, such as spices and utensils used, to determine if the gender of the cook can be predicted. They further display the positive impact of an online food recipe service recommender system which takes gender into account. Their results evidenced a significant difference between the cooking habits of men and women. This is the first in-depth research and paper done on this topic.

Complete bibliography:
Rokicki, M., Herder, E., Kusmierczyk, T., Trattner, C., (2016) „Plate and Prejudice: Gender Differences in Online Cooking“, in Proceedings of UMAP 2016.

You can download the paper here.