In the course of “Mensch und Computer” (Humans and computers) conference in Stuttgart, a Know-Center workshop contribution was published and presented at the workshop “Smart Factories” to an international audience at this networking and dissemination event of the EU project FACTS4WORKERS.

The “Mensch und Computer 2015” conference (MuC15) is the largest annual German-speaking conference for Human-Computer/Machine-Interaction. This year it took place at Stuttgart University from Sep 6 to Sep 9, 2015 and attracted more than 750 participants from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

During this conference an one-day workshop on the topic “Smart Factories” took place on September 8. As part of the project FACTS4WORKERS, it was dedicated to the discussion and exchange of knowledge and practical experiences on worker-centric information systems for collaboration in factories of the future.

One of in total 16 accepted submissions to this workshop is the Know-Center paper titled “Unified Information Access for Knowledge Workers via a Federated Recommender System”. The authors Heimo Gursch, Hermann Ziak and Roman Kern from the Knowledge Discovery Team presented their work in one of the three workshop sessions. This paper provides an overview of the EEXCESS system, which is being developed in the course of the EU project EEXCESS. It can automatically recommend helpful and novel content to knowledge workers and thus simplifies the information gathering process. At the moment, the EEXCESS system can already be integrated into existing software user interfaces as plugins which will extract topics and suggest the relevant material automatically, and recommendations can also be triggered manually via web frontends.

The paper is available for download here.

Find more information on the EEXCESS project website.

Moreover, another follow-up on the workshop written by FACTS4WORKERS can be read here.

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