The Open Access Network Austria (OANA) is a joint action programme organized by FWF and Universities Austria (UNIKO). It unifies 50 institutions with over 100 persons who have been participating at various events so far.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Stefanie Lindstaedt und Area-Head Elisabeth Lex and as a non-university research institution, the Know-Center has now started to contribute to this network, with topics such “Open Science“, “Open Access“ and the future of scientific communication.

Peter Kraker from Know-Center is coordinating the Working Group Open Access/Open Science und Scholarly Communication. Within this new Working Group, discussions take place on questions such as: How are Open Access and Open Science changing scientific communication in the long term? How can Open Access and Open Science resolve current deficits?

An article providing an overview of Open Science and Open Access has already been published (German only).