On 21st November, Know-Center is invited to a Panel Discussion to share its views on the topic "Industrial Transformation: to what extent are trends such as AI, 5G and Industrial Security already being applied in practice and where is the journey going?"

Industry 4.0 implies far-reaching changes in production, services, labor and consumption. This industry change takes place at all stages of the production process and at best, leads to higher productivity and flexibility, more innovation and lower resource consumption. On the other hand, there are challenges and investments, some of which are difficult to master, which domestic industrial companies have to face in order to create successful prospects for the future.

New age Factors such as 5G, AI and Industrial security are transforming the Industry at a drastic speed and manner. One needs to be prepared, equipped and cautious of the changes.

Industry 4.0 – The IT platform for Smart Manufacturing primarily offers the South Austrian industrial sector the opportunity to obtain information on current topics and developments and to exchange ideas with top decision-makers and key opinion leaders.

Regarding the Event: The event will entail inspiring keynote lectures that will provide exciting insights into the industry. In addition, best practice examples will be presented through engaging lectures and controversial topics will be discussed and solutions will be jointly developed in a round-table discussion.

The Panel will consist of the following experts –

  • Oliver Pimas | Industrial Data Analytics Business Area Manager | Know Center
  • DI Christian Brauneis, MBA | Vice President Industry Solutions| KNAPP Industry Solutions
  • DI Michael Brugger | Chief Digital Officer | Geislinger and Dr. Rupert Schindler | CIO | Energie Steiermark

When:     21. November 2019

Where:     Steiermarkhof (Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 33, 8052 Graz)

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A big thanks to the organisers for holding a great event and bringing together a pool of expert minds from across research and industry. Also, a big thanks for sharing the pictures.