In order to bundle AI resources in Europe in an optimal way, the EU H2020 project ‘AI4EU’ has set itself the task to establish a European AI on demand platform to ensure a technology and knowledge transfer on the European market around AI. Know-Center is part of this vision and brings in particular expertise from the field of recommender systems, prototypes of data-driven AI applications and integration of data platforms.

The EU H2020 project AI4EU consists of an extensive European project consortium of more than 81 partners in the fields of Science, technology leaders, policy makers, companies and businesses in AI, industry and non-AI sectors work together to mobilise and unite the entire European AI ecosystem.

Platform AI4EU serves as a contact point and intermediary

The platform is intended to bundle services, knowledge, frameworks, algorithms and much more and finally accelerate the development of AI-based innovations (research, products, solutions). The project results will feed into a new and comprehensive strategic research innovation agenda for Europe.

Know-Center as ‘controller’ in AI4EU

Know-Center works on the platform to connect users to data sets and algorithms and to evaluate the technical and scientific properties of potential data sets before the recommendation and search process. In this way, Know-Center in AI4EU performs a control function for AI resources (e.g. data sets) to optimally support the development of the platform.

AI4EU fact box

Duration: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2021

Support programme: EU H 2020 Programme

Consortium: 81 partners (Link)

Overall budget: EUR 20 719 689,78

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