On October 22, Know-Center participated in the IMAGINE conference that was held in Vienna with this year's focus on "Artificial Intelligence in media, working environments and smart cities”

Experts from across Academia and Industry discussed the developments, influence and dangers of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the fields of media, work and smart cities. Together with the technology platforms, an informative and creative programme was organized which entailed stimulating keynotes, workshops and discussions.

Know-Center was represented by our Social Computing Expert, Simone Kopeinik, who participated in an exciting panel discussion on the subject of ‘AI in media’. Topics such as fake news detection, recommendation services, automatic simplification of texts as well as problems and challenges in specific fields and ethical/moral obligations of technology, research, media and education providers were discussed.

For instance, in today’s times, when more and more information is consumed online, learning increasingly takes place on the internet, thereby it is essential to educate and assist people in using information consciously and reflectively. Know-Center’s Social Computing team aims to understand and support reflective information behavior with two research and development strands, whose common aim is the empowerment of people in taking qualified decisions online. This is addressed primarily in two ways i) intelligent, cognitively-inspired services that assist people in online information e.g., through personalized feedback, nudges or the suggestion of tailored web- resources, and ii) the automatic generation of meta-data that explains the context of information to people.

Various representatives from the press, research and industry also provided a versatile perspective on the effect of AI in the Media industry on the society in general – potential threats of AI; its use and misuse; and the various research directions that could be taken to better understand and leverage the use of AI in Media.