The Stakeholder Forum is organised annually by the European Commission and an EU Member State as part of the European Industry Digitisation Initiative (DEI). This year, some 600 visitors came to Madrid from 13-15th November to discuss Europe's digital network. Representatives of the Know Centre were also present.

Since Artificial Intelligence has become a core element of many industries, the EU funding programmes – Horizon Europe and Digital Europe are designed to support investment in the development of digital technologies. The focus of the latest edition of the Digitising European Industry Stakeholder Forum – organised by the European Commission and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism – focused on “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation Hubs – beyond 2020”. Experts from different industries discussed how digital change is already shaping the industry in Europe and how a strong and innovative industrial ecosystem can be established.

This happens, for example, through so-called Digital Innovation Hubs. These are centres that deal with digital innovations – for example in the areas of AI and cyber security – and support small and medium-sized enterprises with expertise and infrastructure. A total of 150 Digital Innovation Hubs had applied for the initiative. The Know-Center was selected as the only Austrian representative. An interim report on networking was presented in Madrid. The experts of the Know-Center also presented their proven method of the so-called Data Value Check.

This is a method with which the Know-Center first interprets company data in order to then monetise it for companies with tailor-made business models or use cases, or to help companies simply apply data in a meaningful way. This Data Value Check was used by Reval Austria GmbH, which produces software for treasury and risk management and presented it in Madrid together with the Know-Center.