Know-Center is among five top-notch Big Data institutions that have been granted a label for European Innovation Spaces by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA).

At the BDVA Big Data Summit which took place from 30th November to 2nd December 2016 in Valencia, Spain, the Big Data Value Association awarded the first five i-Space hubs with a “European Innovation Space” label to help drive forward Big Data adoption across all domains within European industry

The label as a “BDVA i-Space” is awarded by a committee of domain experts from research and industry after an extensive and competitive evaluation process based on the following factors: Excellence of infrastructure, Quality of Services, Projects and sectors, Impact to Eco System and Business model. Being recognized as “BDVA i-Space” means that the awarded company is seen as Trusted Data Incubator targeted to accelerate the uptake of data-driven innovation in all economic sectors, commercial as well as in nonprofit .

The Know-Center has been granted a BDVA i-Space Silver award – CEO Stefanie Lindstaedt as representative received a trophy-award at the BDVA i-Space Label Ceremony during the Summit Gala Dinner.

BDVA Award Ceremony

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