On 14 November, the Federation of German Industries (IV) will hold a workshop on the subject of digitisation in industry. Know-Center expert Wolfgang Kienreich will give a keynote lecture and participate in a panel discussion to share his knowledge about opportunities and challenges of AI in the digitized industry.

Digitalisation not only influences many aspects of our private lives, but has also become an important economic factor in industry. As a consequence, traditional production systems are changing radically.

The analysis of large data sets leads to more flexible processes, productivity growth, innovation and ultimately to higher competitiveness. However, not only the production process itself, but also the energy supply of the processes from the point of view of achieving climate goals will change even more in the future, due to digitization. At the same time, the implementation of concrete digitization measures – for example in the field of Artificial Intelligence – in industry is still associated with major challenges.

The challenges of Digitisation

These challenges, but also the many opportunities arising from the digital transformation, will be examined using concrete technologies in the workshop “Digitisation in Industry”, organised by the Federation of German Industries (IV). The visitors are representatives of the domestic industry. The workshop will present findings from current activities of Annex XVIII “Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence and related technologies for increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in industry” of the International Energy Agency (IEA) within the framework of the Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) Industrial Energy Technologies and Systems (IETS).

Wolfgang Kienreich from the Know-Center will not only give a keynote lecture under the title Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence: Universal Tool for the Digitized Industry of the Near Future, but will also share his expertise in a panel discussion.