With a paper and talk “Virtual Assistance in Lay Caregiving; a (Critical) Technical and Social Case Study of the DALIA Project” by Hermann Stern (Ubiquitous Personal Computing), Know-Center participated in uDay XII: AAL Test Region Western Austria that took place on May 16, 2014 in Dornbirn. The annually held uDay offers experts and researchers from science and industry an established platform to present innovative projects and research findings.

DALIA (Assistant for Daily Life Activities at Home) is a project in the area of ​​Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), which is partially funded by the EU. AAL is concerned with using technical solutions to improve the quality of life of elderly, sick and chronically ill people. DALIA aims at both helping older people with their daily activities at home and facilitating the nursing process for their lay caregivers. This was made possible by introducing a human-looking wizard that makes the required services easily accessible and provides an appreciable relief for lay caregivers.

In the paper that was co-authored by Clement Auinger and John Kriegel of FH Upper Austria, Linz Campus, Hermann Stern describes the so-called “Health Cockpit” as an example of such a service. Subsequently, the methodology and results of work undertaken within the framework of DALIA were presented and critically discussed.