More than 3000 attendees visited the Fifteen Seconds Festival 2016 and the Know-Center was right in the middle of the spectacle to present its business area and new trend Data-driven Markets and to establish contacts with innovative startups.

June 16 and 17, 2016 the Fifteen Seconds Festival, Europe’s Festival for Curious Minds, took place already for the 3rd time (but for the first time under the current name) in the Stadthalle Graz. For two days Graz was dominated by global networking of diverse disciplines and, of course, the Know-Center wasn’t missing either.

Nina Simon, Head of Marketing & PR, as well as Sebastian Dennerlein and Matthias Traub from the Social Computing Area positioned the Know-Center booth next to the startup-lounge and therefore straight at the pulse of innovation. As the support of startups is one of the Know-Center’s concerns, this served as the ideal opportunity to present the new trend and business area Data-driven Markets and at the same time identify companies that could potentially provide relevant data. The possibility to have a Data Value Check done by Know-Center was perceived very positively, because especially startups often are not aware in the beginnings yet what (amount of) data their companies will produce and what usage potential it bears. The Know-Center’s expertise in the areas of Forecasting & Prediction as well as Recommender Systems came across very well, too.

Have a look at some on-site impressions from the Know-Center booth:

For all those who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the festival, the best impressions were gathered in this video.