On May 18, 2017 Know-Center participated in a job fair at the University of Zagreb, which brought together students and 93 companies in the field of electronics, information technology and computing.

The job fair had about 2,000 visitors and featured 38 firm presentations, including those by Know-Center and well-known international and Austrian enterprises (e.g., Google, Microsoft, Infineon Technologies Austria, AVL). The Head of our Knowledge Visualization Area, Vedran Sabol, gave an exciting account of Know-Center’s history, mission, research, projects and day-to-day operations. Emanuel Lacic, a young researcher from our Social Computing Area, provided valuable insights into opportunities for students at Know-Center (i.e., internships, academic degrees, volunteering at our i-Know conference). Our presentation inspired a lot of interest: when it was over, we were approached by students and company representatives who wanted to know more about what Know-Center has to offer. Overall, the job fair was a productive and fun experience both for Know-Center’s envois and students of the University of Zagreb.’

Have a look at some photos of the event: