Know-Center was able to win the company EAM as project partner. In the frame of a common innovation project Know-Center has evaluated, under the lead of DI Werner Klieber, building data, developed together with EAM evaluation rules and generated measures in order to optimize energy costs.

The project partner EAM has been acting for decades as system integrator on the market and offers metrological and safety-related solutions for the whole infrastructure area for buildings. By the constant development and the strong cooperation with external research partners it becomes possible to guarantee the best possible quality for a pleasant indoor climate at an optimized use of energy.

The evaluation of sensor data acts via complex sensors that can be remote controlled or being read via the internet (teleservice) and operated. The analysis of measurement data serves for the control of operating and standard values as well as for the identification of an energy and resource saving performance. The aim is to derive the appropriate measurements and instructions for the technical management.

In the frame of national and international initiatives increasingly standards for the erection and the service of buildings (e.g. „green building“) are defined. The compliance of operators of buildings is desirable and demanded. Parallel to this development, building operators show big interest in energy and resource saving performances of a building, as well as in the accurate operation of building technology. At this point Know-Center appears together with EAM as an actor and supports in the achievement of goals.