Know-Center developed an app called “KnowSelf” that supports time recording and personal time management. The app helps to gain insights into one’s own way of working and can be seen as basis for better time management and self-organisation. Also our partner IMC from the project MIRROR has realized this and integrated the KnowSelf App in the offer about “digital training”.

IMC AG is Europe’s leading e-learning provider and it has launched in August 2014 a free online course on „time management”. It is about a novel learning concept offering e-learning units as well as individual tele-coaching-sessions. This course not only shows how to deal with more tasks in less time but how to use time management as a tool in order to effectively reach personal goals. Two software applications are provided for free to support participants in applying the learned content in the everyday working life. Apart from the ARA APP that is used as an electronic diary, the KnowSelf App offers the possibility to observe, analyze and control the personal time management behavior.

Both applications were developed in the frame of the EU project MIRROR which focuses on the technical support of reflexive learning for the development of competences in various working and life areas. Both applications were successfully tested in time management coachings of different companies.


Link to the screencast of the time management course :